CYCCP Information Sources

Resources on Climate Change Processes, Causes, Mitigation  and Adaptation Responses

Discovering Fossils: Fossil Fuels:

NASA: Climate Change:

San Diego State University: Vulcano and climate

Tuft University - Caribbean and Climate Change:

That Thing - Global Warming and Climate Change: 

Aussie School House - Teachers on the Web, Climate Change:

Climate Change:

IPCC website:

UNFCCC website:

Australian Government Department of Climate Change:

Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research:

UK Climate Impacts Programme:

Stockholm Environment Institute:

Climate Change Adaptation:

UNFCC on adaptation

CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship:

Resilience Alliance:



Eldis page on adaptation:

Community based adaptation exchange – Eldis:

AusAid webpage on adaptation:

World Bank webpage on adaptation:

OECD work on adaptation:

CARICOM: Approach to Climate Change Adaptation/ Mitigation: (Downloads)

Guyana in its Low Carbon Development Strategy

Climate Change in the Caribbean

Caribbean Climate Change Response

Climate Change Mitigation: What do we do?

Caribbean Climate Change Mitigation Efforts


Other Climate Change Made Simple links:

Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) input into the Assembly Document

Tread Lightly

UNEP- Climate Change

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change –IPCC

Understand Climate Change

Facts about Climate Change

Handbook on Climate Change for Caribbean Journalists

Global Warming Facts for Kids

Climate Change Glossary 

Climate Change for Kids

More Resources: Coping With Climate Change