CYCC Energy Audit  - Resources and Reports

The energy audit component of CYEN's Caribbean Climate Change Project is expected to be a long term one. In that is will be an ongoing project.  As information becomes available about the implementation and successes of the various stages it will be published in a systematic and step - by- step manner. This is expected to facilitate those who wish to engage in the same energy saving upgrades to their homes. (See photos).


The Objective of this component is primarily to show that by making informed simple consumer choices, needy households, like any other, can experience significant reductions in their utility bills. In doing so, not only will these householders have more to spend on other necessities, but will also be making an invaluable contribution to the reducing the use of fossil fuels and ultimately reducing emittions/dangerous greenhouse gases.


The two households chosen for this experiment were selected based on recommendations by CYEN members. . One is located in an urban area and the other in a rural area.  (See sketches of houses)


Schedules, workplans forms, letters and contracts were developed to capture the information required for  the energy audits. The audits were facilitated by young volunteers including high school students. The schedules and workplans set out mutually agreeable times (to the householder and the auditor) for the actual audit to be carried out. All audits were executed in very close cooperation and communication with the householders and the Project Manager.


Interviews were then used to help to determine the consumption pattern and practices of the family members. On completion of the interviews, relevant counselling in utility consumption was offered. This advice covered issues related to energy conservation and climate change.




See sketches of houses

See photos of upgrade work