COLLEGE OF THE BAHAMAS ENVIRONMENTAL  PRIDE CLUB/CYEN BAHAMAS is delighted to share the flyer above for the Earth & Ocean Day Event scheduled to take place March 31st at the College of the Bahamas. Feel free to share the news with other local agencies and individuals who would love to participate or support event.  The Club will also be engaging in activities for World Water day.
Thank you, so come out and enjoy our event and activities.
COB's Environmental Pride Club/CYEN Bahamas
"Be the change you want to see in the world"

Hi All,
We are seen here in activities related to our patch reef etc. We keep tabs on it, checking its health. There are some pictures of us next to the huge fishing net that the kids removed from our reef last year. We are also seen here doing interviews with tourists who have snorkeled on our reef; finding out how they liked it. Winning first place in both lower and upper primary categories in our regional Earth Day competition. Teacher, Mr. Justin Higgs is here giving some valuable information about trees before we plant several last week for Arbor Day. Our Pre-School Earth Patrol Warriors!  Also students congratulate hotel manager for being the first on our island to use all eco-friendly, compostible, bio-degradable take out wares and utensils.
Regards Candace