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Tropical Cyclone Arthur impacts southern Belize

BELIZE CITY, Belize (AP) -- Officials say at least four people have drowned in Belize in flash flooding caused by Tropical Storm Arthur. Two others are missing.

One man has died trying to come to the aid of a mother and her children.

Officials say floodwaters also have swept away a home in southern Belize, killing a man, his wife and their 14-year-old daughter early Monday. The couple's 12-year-old son is missing and presumed dead.

Another man is searching for his infant son. The child was pulled from his arms by floodwaters as the two sought refuge in a mango tree.

Dozens have been stranded on the roofs of their homes.

The southernmost section of the country is reachable only by sea or air after a bridge was washed away. Officials are working to repair damaged highways.

Tropical Storm Arthur kicked up surf when it made landfall Saturday at the Belize-Mexico border.

The storm formed a day before the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season June 1, hitting land near the Mexican port city of Chetumal and Corozal, Belize.


Current storm status:    http://www.gdacs.org/reports.asp?eventType=TC&ID=ARTHUR-08&system=asgard&alertlevel=Green&glide_no=TC-2008-000078-BLZ&location=&country=&new=true





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