Wednesday, September 8, 2010


CYEN Climate Change Champions 

CYEN has joined with the world and embraced the need to address Climate Change issues. 4 young advocates have been selected from the region who are members of the organisation to champion our cause. Selected were:

Handy Acosta - Cuba

Nolana Lynch - Trinidad and Tobago
Mariama Branker - Barbados
Shashion Thomas - Jamaica

Climate Change is the biggest challenge facing the world and its impact affects us all. †For this reason, the British Council developed the Climate Generation project as an effort to support young, committed and passionate activists.

The British Councilís "Climate Change Champions" scheme selects youth leaders, aged 16 to 35 years, from around the world who share an interest in finding sustainable solutions to tackle climate change.The newly selected "champions" will be attending the British Council "Climate Champion's" meeting in Jamaica from September 17-19.

The Caribbean Climate Champions will have access to training and information to develop the debate in their communities and implement projects that help people adapt to and mitigate against climate change. The 1300 strong global network of young enthusiasts will facilitate the exchange of knowledge, contacts and resources. Climate Champions may also seek financial support for their project and exposure to national and international events, among them the United Nations Conference of Parties 16 (COP16) meeting in Mexico. The British Council and Panos Caribbean are working in collaboration to execute the Climate Champion programme in the region.

We wish them all the best!

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[ Posted by Reggie, September 21, 2010 9:43 ]

You will recall the announcement about the four CYEN climate champions from the Caribbean. Now we have more good news. We have been informed by the British Council that our Regional Chair, Renee Boyce-Drakes (from Barbados) has now been included in the final ten Caribbean selectees. This means that CYEN members make up half of region's climate champions.
Congratulations Renee!

[ Posted by cecil, October 07, 2010 15:36 ]

Is climate change real? if so will it impact the earth negatively or positively? if positively why should we fight it? if negatively aren't we too late? Pakistan?

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