Q1: How long has the CYEN been in existence?

Q2: Can my youth group join CYEN or become an affiliate? If so how?

Q3: What are the benefits associated with being a member/ affiliate of CYEN?

Q4: Can my school become affiliated with CYEN?

Q5: Even though my group is not affiliated to CYEN can we still receive assistance?

Q6: Is CYEN a funding agency also?

Q7: Does CYEN only support projects and programs related to Environmental Awareness?


CYEN was offically launched in November 1993 in Plymouth Montserrat. However, work had started on its formation since 1989/90 between the JEMS Progressive Community Organisation in St. Vincent and teh Grenadines and the Barbados-based Caribbean Conservation Association.

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Any individual or group with an interest in environment and sustainable development can join the CYEN by filling out the appropriate application form and returning it to the CYEN Regional Office.

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Access to information: As a member of the CYEN you frequently receive information on environment and sustainable development issues that are improtant to the caribbean region.

Communication and discussion: Members will be linked with other young people from across the wider Caribbean who are interested in environment and development issues. You will be able to discuss issues and get many perspectives from your colleagues. Within the CYEN sysytem you get to know what is going on it the other countries of the Caribbean.

Career advice: Many current and past members of teh CYEN have gone on to take up the challenges as professionals in the environment field. If you ask a question they will give you the benefit of their advice or at the least, point you in a direction where you can be given guidance about your career goals.

Experience: Members are often selected to attend meetings, conferences and workshops at the various national, regional and international levels and at these fora the get the opportunity to see first hand how decisions are made, the get the chance to make their voice their views and they also get the chance to meet high-level officials and personalities that function with the United Nations, CARICOM and other multinational systems. Beyond these CYEN members also get hands on experience from being a participant in a project, to project management and event coordination. These are all extremely useful in any career path that members decide to take.

Scholarships and internships: Members can attain funding to undertake short-term training courses in the environment field or to get internships. The CYEN has a not unsubstantial list of members who have taken up internships and have so impressed the agencies that they were assigned to that they were offered employment.

Travel: Members of CYEN are encouraged to travel throughout the Caribbean to become truly familiar with the region. The Network often facilitates this process. Beyond this it is not uncommon for members to gain the experience of travelling to other regions of the world to participate in youth and environment activities

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Yes, any school can become affiliated to the CYEN by joing the Network and becoming an organisational member. The membership form available for this must be completed, signed and stamped by the appropriate authoriity of the school and returned to the Regional Office.

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Yes, CYEN will endeavour to assist any youth organisation that is working in the environment field, as long as a formal request is made to the organisation.

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CYEN is a development agency. It provides technical support and advice on all aspects of environment and sustainable development to youth and youth organisations across the wider Caribbean. The Network does not  provide money to youth to undertake projects but makes every effort to facilitate financial support to youth by  bringing meaningful and deserving project proposals to the attention of the donor community.

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CYEN is not restricted to working on strickly on environment projects alone. The organisation recognises that it has to work with all issues that impact the lives of young people. In the past CYEN has undertaken activities focusing on personal development, HIV-AIDS education, gender and sport, to name a few.

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