☼  2011 Wider Caribbean LBS Protocol Collage Competition


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☼   Climate Change
Caribbean Youth Programme for Action on Climate Change (CARYPACC)
Regional Consultation to Assess Regional Priorities, Capabilities and Research Gaps on Climate Change and Poverty Reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean
☼  Marine Debris and Litter
Regional Actional Plan on the Sustainable Management of Marine Litter (RAPMaLi)
☼   Water and Sanitation
☼   Land Degradation and Sustainable Land Management
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☼   Cetacean Conservation and Education
☼   Global Environment Outlook for Youth in the Caribbean
Regional launch in Grenada



National launch of Barbados

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National launch of British Virgin Islands
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☼   TUNZA   


Dear friends,
Handy Cuellar and I (Gabriela Monteiro) are here to present the report of the Global Youth Retreat (GYR) that happened from 28 to 31 July in Kenya. This was a very important moment to discuss the tunza Strategy and how we can improve it. I know that some of you didn't have the chance to work with the strategy because we still have some limitations. However, we are trying to improve and we want to be able to count on more partner organizations in the field of youth.
In order to know more about what was discussed at the GYR, see the attached document (click on the link below).

☼   South South Cooperation