L-R, Zascha, Dorinson, Ronelle,Courtnae, Yodel, Josiah,
Courtnae, Sonette, zonia, Kia & Tristina! Roucha Bay Clean up!

Kenny Black Ad visor, Makes a point
January 2012 Meeting                                                                                    General Meeting 2012

Petronella king, Christopher Grant and Students From
Bethel High School in Indonesia 2011





ICC 2011 Rusha Bay

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CYEN-SVG Meets every other Saturday from 1pm (Executive Meeting) and 3pm General Meeting. Our meeting place is at the Youth Affairs Conference Room, Rose Place opposite right Stuff. 


                                                     Members participating in an activity at Social
                                          Some of the members of CYEN in St.Vincent and the Grenadines

Upcoming Activities 2011

Creole Sale, March 26th, 2011  - 7:00 am Under the Singer Building

Movie Night, March 26th. 2011  - 5:30 pm NYC Head Quarters, Frenches



   President Cuffy talks about CYEN to a school girl                        One of the many posters about CYEN-SVG
      National Coordinator Yoland London explains                      Linking littering with environmental problems
     The Exhibition was well received by the public                       New members signing up to join CYEN-SVG
11-15 April, 2011 (Jamaica)
Yoland London (right) at the airport in Barbados on her way to a participatory management forestry workshop in Jamaica. On the left is Pat Fraser, one of the founding members of CYEN.


As part of it's celebrations to mark its first year as a National Chapter, the CYEN-SVG held an Installation and Awards Ceremony at the Doris Mc Kie Community Centre on March 5th 2011. At this function awards were giving to persons and organisations who would have contributed in the development of the Chapter.  New members were installed and pledge to do all within their power to ensure that they protected the environment. 

New Members of CYEN-SVG doing their pledge after being presented with their Certificate of Membership.

President Josiah Cuffy giving remarks                                  NC Yoland London welcoming guest to the event

EC Reginald Burke giving address on behalf of the                 Kenny Black delivering the feature address
Regional Office



The CYEN-SVG Chapter celebrated its 1st Anniversary as a Chapter on 5th March, 2011.  The anniversary was celebrated with a week of activities which began with a church service at the Faith Temple Church in New Montrose.

President Josiah Cuffy Giving Remarks                                Members who attended the Service and Pastor

CYEN-SVG Week of Activities 2011

Caribbean Youth Environment Network St. Vincent and the Grenadines (CYEN-SVG) Chapter hosted a series of activities to commemorate its 1st Anniversary of its official launch as a National Chapter on 5th March 2011.

The Following is the List of Activities which Commemorated this occasion;

Sunday 27th February –       Church Service at Faith Temple Kingston

Monday 28th February –      Membership Drive Activity, St. Clair Dacon Secondary School, Carapan

Tuesday 1st- March -           Media Interview Agency for Public Information (API)- Presentation on the organization 

                                                after one year.

Wednesday 2nd March –      Membership Drive Activity, Campden Park Secondary School, Campdem Park

Thursday 3rd March –          Radio Interview Program "as the youth see it”

Saturday 5th March –           Installation and awards Ceremony, Doris Mc Kie Resource Centre 4:30 pm

Saturday 5th February
Caribbean Youth Environment Network St. Vincent and the Grenadines Chapter (CYEN-SVG) is the beneficiary of a leadership workshop organized and conducted by Projects Promotion LTD. The Leadership workshop is part of a project on "Capacity Strengthening for community Management of Resources for Sustainable Development” that is being funded by the Organization of American States (OAS).




Over twenty (20) members of CYEN SVG Chapter attended the workshop which was held at the Credit Union League conference room on Saturday February 5th 2011. Members present at the workshop were all pleased to be a part of the event and have expressed gratitude to Projects Promotion for conducting the workshop. 
The chapter would continue to endeavor to make available to its members opportunities that would allow them to put to practice the knowledge which they have gained from the work shop.

Media coverage of the event  click here

Creole sale -fundraising  2nd October 7am- Outside the Singer Building.- This activity was a success, Many thanks to  all the members who made contribution to the sale and special thanks to those who were on the ground to assist with the actual selling of items. Keep up the good work.
Media Interview Promotion for Congress- Star FM Tuesday 21st September 2010 between 1-3pm.- Great Job with the interview Josiah and Ronelle- Congrats!

705 Radio Telephone Interview on Congress- Monday 4th October - Interview was done by IMC Chairperson it was a success, it was done at 3.15pm

Media Interview Promotion for Congress- Cross Country Radio Wednesday 6th October 2010.- PR Team
Tree Planting at Campden Park Bay- 10-10-10 Global work Party Activity.- Interview was done by Josiah Cuffy PRO, Vonisha Leighton and Ronelle King- Members of PR Committee. It was successful.

World Environment Day 2010

CYEN SVG has adopted a Bay located on the southern Coast of the Island Called the Campden Park Bay (Roucha Bay). We have done a tree planting exercise and cBeach clean up for Wold Environment Day 5th June 2010, and continue to conduct ongoing clean up exercises of the Bay.
International Coastal Clean activity was conducted a week earlier than the official date, and saw members journeying to  Rocuha Bay on September 18th to conduct our clean up exercise. 
We also handed over a Food Basket and small Monetary contribution to our newly found friend baby Emran Gill (fire Victim). We hope to continue to assit Emran in any way we possible can.
Below are photos from our  International Coastal Clean up (ICC) Activity done 18th Sept 2010. Just a quater of our task was completed in that photo



PRO- Josiah Cuffy Handing over Food Basket to Emran Gill (Fire Victim's) Mom. This was done at the Clean up Exercise a Campden Park Bay, Emran is residents of the Bay Area.