Project Discovery Inc is a Non-profit Company registered with the Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office of the Government of Barbados, under the Companies Act of Barbados.  The Company No. is 31456.  The date of registration is December 22, 2008.   This company has designed a community service learning programme for students of Caribbean schools.




In a world that continues to become more globalised we can no longer train students in the rudiments of the Arts or Science disciplines only and claim to be educating them.  Intelligence is a multifaceted characteristic.  It extends to much more than numeric and linguistic competencies.  There is a definite distinction to be drawn between education and schooling. 


For too long we have posed highly schooled individuals as necessarily highly educated.  How educated is the doctor who is highly academic but has no compassion, no bedside manner, no real care or concern for the sick or dying but sees his academic gifting simply as a means to wealth and fortune?  Or the engineer or architect whose desire to please the client is of such priority that environmental concerns are not given due consideration?  Or the politician who is more concerned with being re-elected that with enhancing, in real and meaningful ways, the life and livelihood of the citizens under his/her charge?


Our students need to be encouraged and given opportunities and responsibilities for good stewardship of our nations and our people.  This is especially true for our more academically gifted students since it is more likely than not that they will become the decision-makers and policy-makers of our region.  A region in which different territories are developing at differing rates; but a region seeking to come together and function to some significant extent as a single entity.


It is therefore imperative that a home-grown programme which allows students to be immersed in the culture of different territories while investigating issues common to each territory be instituted.  It allows students to network significantly from early, it feeds and informs the programmes at our regional tertiary institutions, and it assists in Caribbean integration at the political as well as at the grassroots level.